Technight: GraphQL - The next API Language

Elyse Mukamarakiza

  • 06/07/2017
  • 2 minuten leestijd
Elyse Mukamarakiza

Technight: GraphQL - The next API Language

On Wednesday june the 28th 2017 we had a new meetup at This time it was about GraphQL. The speaker was Niek Palm who had tried GraphQL for the last 6 months and now wanted to share his experience with us.

Looking at the attendees he was not the only one interested in this new way of building API.

As the meetup took place at the end of the day, provided some warm meal before we started. The attendees were not all from, so during the diner I got to talk with some of our guest. I got to ask them about how they found out about the meetup and why they were interested in the subject. Some were there because there are thinking about using GraphQL, others where already using it and wanted to hear about how others experienced it. Of course they were also people who were there out of curiosity and interest in what is new in the IT world including me.

After the Diner we gathered in the presentation room. The speaker had decided not to go into deep about the difference between GraphQL and Rest or Soap. He choose to tell us about what GraphQL does using some example to demonstrate. He also told us about the main capabilities of GraphQL: -Building a type schema -Serving queries against that type schema That it was a query language. The attendees could ask question as it went.

As I said in the beginning, the speaker was new at GraphQL and still discovering, because of that he could not give al the time satisfying answers to the questions. But I find that interesting because he discovered a new technic and tried it and instead of keeping that for himself, he decided to share. He triggered me also to want to try it at home and found more about what are the possibilities of GraphQL.

You could feel that I was not the only one curious about what GraphQL can do. After the presentation we closed the evening with a drink and people started to mingle and discussing/exchanging about it. Niek Palm was also involved in the discussions. It was a very inspiring evening

For anyone interested in the presentation, Niek Palm gave us a link with his presentation and his work so far:

Thus, GraphQL is not production ready; I think it an interesting API. It can be useful when performance is involved. You have also better control over your data. What you as is what you get.