CD part XVIII: Create smoketest

Johan Tuitel

  • 10/03/2017
  • 2 minuten leestijd
Johan Tuitel

CD part XVIII: Create smoketest

After the integration is done we need to create a smoke-test. This is a simple test to see if everything is working before executing the suite-test

create smoketest in jenkins

  1. open a browser and navigate to: http://localhost:8075/jenkins/ and click in the menu on Manage Jenkins
  2. click on Manage Plugins
  3. select the Available tab
  4. search for HTML Publisher plugin
  5. select the plugin and click on the Install without restart button
  6. jenkins navigates to the Installing plugins/upgrades page, were we see an overview of the plugins to be installed.
  7. stop the tomcat instance and start the instance again

create the smoketest job

  1. we start the tomcat instance for jenkins by executing the tomcat jenkins - start.cmd script
  2. open a browser and navigate to: http://localhost:8075/jenkins/
  3. click in the sidemenu on New Job
  4. for this exercise, we are using the account status webservice
  5. call this item: wsaccountstatus_smoketest
  6. select the first radiobutton create a freestyle project
  7. in the Source Code Management section select the Git radiobutton
  8. enter the url:
  9. select the credentials you have made for your bitbucket account
  10. in my case it was*(bitbucket account)

git credentials

  1. after that we need to set the correct branch in the field Branches to build
  2. enter: develop
  3. add a build step and select Invoke Top-level Maven
  4. target: clean test-compile failsafe:integration-test -Pfitnesse-integration
  5. POM: AccountStatusWebservice\fitnesse\pom.xml
  6. navigate to the Post-build Actions and add Publish HTML reports
  7. click on the Add button
    1. HTML directory to archive: AccountStatusWebservice\fitnesse\target\fitnesse-results
    2. Index page
    3. Report title: Fitnesse Report
  8. click on Save and we are done

test job

  1. click on building the job
  2. you probably get an error like Filename too long
  3. execute git config --system core.longpaths true
  4. build the job again and the smoketest is executed
  5. click on the Fitnesse Report link

fitnesse result report