Peter Smeets

TechNight: Kubernetes, binnen 3 maanden naar productie

As always, our technights are about three things: technology, food and beer. This month we’ve had a talk that is surrounded by a lot of buzzwords that the tech industry loves: containerized applications, orchestration, Scaling, Cloud and a lot more.

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Raoul Wittenberns

TechNight: UX for Developers

On the evening of Wednesday 28th of February the Developers.nl office was full with interested people. Many frontend colleagues were present as well as some backend colleagues and many new faces; Students from relevant studies, teammates from our colleagues and other interested freelancers.

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Lars Nieuwenhuizen

Traefik reverse proxy & Docker

Route all your applications in an easy and flexible manner.

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Lars Nieuwenhuizen

Using Let's Encrypt certificates

The last few years security has become a increasingly important issue on the internet. Any developer and probably a lot of users by now know that a website running plain http is not secure and simply not acceptable anymore.

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Marc Dekker

Technight: Hexagonal Architecture

As the super moon crosses the heavens, we gather once more in our lair as it was foretold. Or as normal people would say it was the 31st of January and the first technight of the year is upon us. The Chinese food was good and plentiful and pending presentation of Marco Veenendaal on Hexagonal Architecture.

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Marc Remijn

Uitlezen Nederlandse 'Slimme' meter P1 poort over netwerk

De P1 poort is een seriele poort. Hier wordt bescheven hoe je de gegevens beschikbaar maakt op je (thuis) netwerk om ze elders te verwerken.

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Kasper Vrind

Technight: Process-oriented reactive service architecture

Again a successful Developers.nl technight at our Rotterdam offices. It was great to see so many attendees from around the country. The presentation was in in English. A presentation given by Peter Hilton twitter: @peterHilton - web: hilton.org.uk

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