Marc Remijn

TechNight: Security voor developers

Met de toename van hacks en andere aanvallen op systemen van o.a. banken en overheden, wordt het ontwikkelen en beheren van veilige software steeds belangrijker. De laastste TechNight voor de zomerstop ging over security bij de ontwikkeling van software.

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Ben Kraan

TechNight: Serverless Microservices

It was a hot summer evening in Rotterdam on Wednesday the 30th of May. As temperature was high and the air was moist the evening summer sun didn't withhold it being crowded at this TechNight in our office at Developers.nl. After guests started dripping in and we all had some lovely Chinese food, it was time for this evenings presentation. This talk focusses on AWS Lambda and how to create serverless microservices with it.

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Remco Aalbregt

Craft Conference in Boedapest

Ons Frontend team is op 8 mei vertrokken naar Boedapest om daar de Craft Conference 2018 bij te wonen. Zij schreven hier samen een leuke blog over.

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David Weterings

TechNight: Deep Learning in Computer Vision

Last month's technight was about one of the hottest topics in IT: Deep Learning. Due to increased hardware performance and several key improvements in the algorithms it's become very easy to get started with Artificial Intelligence. But how do these algorithms work? This technight explained the basics and how to get started with Deep Learning.

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Peter Smeets

TechNight: Kubernetes, binnen 3 maanden naar productie

As always, our technights are about three things: technology, food and beer. This month we’ve had a talk that is surrounded by a lot of buzzwords that the tech industry loves: containerized applications, orchestration, Scaling, Cloud and a lot more. But not everything that is surrounded by buzzwords is bad or a hype, it might just be that it's the future for a lot of things we as developers will build in the future.

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Raoul Wittenberns

TechNight: UX for Developers

On the evening of Wednesday 28th of February the Developers.nl office was full with interested people. Many frontend colleagues were present as well as some backend colleagues and many new faces; Students from relevant studies, teammates from our colleagues and other interested freelancers. Under the pleasure of a few drinks and delicious Chinese food, many meet up and wonder what knowledge the coming presentation will hold.

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Lars Nieuwenhuizen

Traefik reverse proxy & Docker

Route all your applications in an easy and flexible manner.

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