CD part V: Install Postgresql for soap services and for SonarQube

Johan Tuitel

  • 09/12/2016
  • 1 minuten leestijd
Johan Tuitel

CD part V: Install Postgresql for soap services and for SonarQube

The postgresql installtion is really simple and we need the database to create 2 schema's: easy(our application data) and sonarqube(schema for sonarqube). The setup of these schema's will be described in other blog's!
  1. we need to download postgresql
  2. go to:
  3. navigate to the Binary packages section
  4. click on the Windows to navigate
  5. click on the Download the installer from EnterpriseDB for all supported versions. to go to the download site
  6. go to the Version 9.5.1 section
  7. click on the windows x86-64-button
  8. copy the postgresql-9.5.1-1-windows-x64.exe file to c:\tools folder
  9. double click on the postgresql-9.5.1-1-windows-x64.exe file
  10. set the correct installation directory: C:\tools\PostgreSQL\9.5
  11. enter the password admin twice
  12. the port should be: 5432
  13. uncheck the Stack Builder checkbox
  14. finish the installation

postgresql check

  1. click on the windows start-button
  2. navigate to the PostgreSQL 9.5 folder
  3. and click on the pqAdmin III
  4. you see the running database

postgresql startup

  1. we need to double click on the database to connect
  2. type the password admin postgresql connected