CD part XIII: Setup the SonarQube Server

Johan Tuitel

  • 03/02/2017
  • 1 minuten leestijd
Johan Tuitel

CD part XIII: Setup the SonarQube Server

In this blog we are setting up the SonarQube Server for continuous integration of quality results of the source

sonarqube installation

  1. we need to download sonarqube
  2. go to:
  3. click on the Download link
  4. extract the zip file to C:\tools\sonarqube-5.4

setup the Postgresql Database

  1. start postgresql(pgAdmin III)
  2. create sonarqube Login Role
  3. username: sonarqube
  4. password: sonarqube
  5. select superuser checkbox in the Role Privileges
  6. ok so the role is created
  7. now we need to create a New Database
  8. call it sonarqube
  9. the owner is sonarqube

configure the sonarqube database connection

  1. open in C:\tools\sonarqube-5.4\conf folder
  2. sonar.jdbc.username=sonarqube
  3. sonar.jdbc.password=sonarqube
  4. sonar.jdbc.url=jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/sonarqube

starting the sonarqube server

  1. execute StartSonar.bat in the C:\tools\sonarqube-5.4\bin\windows-x86-64 folder
  2. when everything is done correctly you will get a message INFO app[o.s.p.m.Monitor] Process[web] is up, otherwise check the sonar.log file in the C:\tools\sonarqube-5.4\logs folder

sonarqube running