Marc Remijn

Uitlezen Nederlandse 'Slimme' meter P1 poort over netwerk

De P1 poort is een seriele poort. Hier wordt bescheven hoe je de gegevens beschikbaar maakt op je (thuis) netwerk om ze elders te verwerken.

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Kasper Vrind

Technight: Process-oriented reactive service architecture

Again a successful Developers.nl technight at our Rotterdam offices. It was great to see so many attendees from around the country. The presentation was in in English. A presentation given by Peter Hilton twitter: @peterHilton - web: hilton.org.uk

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Elyse Mukamarakiza

Technight: GraphQL - The next API Language

On Wednesday june the 28th 2017 we had a new meetup at Developers.nl. This time it was about GraphQL. The speaker was Niek Palm who had tried GraphQL for the last 6 months and now wanted to share his experience with us.

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Johan Tuitel

Ratpack: hello world with AngularJS

AngularJS is a really hot javascript framework, which we will combine with ratpack. This is really simple, but yet so powerfull

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Bas Kooij

Technight: MijnOverheid

It’s that Wednesday of the month again, april 19th to be exact, another Technight meetup by Developers.nl. Speaker this night is Leon van der Ree, an architect and PHP programmer for the MijnOverheid website, mijn.overheid.nl. MijnOverheid is a one-stop website for Dutch citizens for all matters concerning the government.

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Johan Tuitel

Technight: Elastic Stack

On 29th of March we had a Technight about Elastic Stack. The Elastic Stack was presented by Loek van Gool, check Elastic Stack Products for more information. Loek showed us the product, present in the stack: Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, Logstash, X-pack

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Johan Tuitel

CD: Continuous Delivery Pipeline Blog Sources

these are the sources of all blogs

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